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Phone: (318) 387-2889

  • No mileage fees within 150 miles of our Monroe, LA location

  • FREE conference rooms at our Monroe, LA location on Royal Avenue

  • Any and all forms of electronic transcript provided

  • Statewide coverage through our relationship with trusted local firms

  • Video conferencing/Zoom Depositions

  • Videotaped depositions

  • Audio from depositions available upon request

  • Condensed transcripts for easy reference

  • Hand delivery for local clients offered

  • Much more!


     Copeland Court Reporters & Video Conferencing has been serving North Louisiana and the surrounding areas for over thirty years. We are a family owned and operated business that is conveniently located at 1707 Royal Avenue, Monroe, LA 71201. When you choose us, you are choosing a company that provides you with up close personal care at competitive rates. Our rates cannot be matched by the big firms that provide almost no personal relationship with you (or their own court reporters). Our large conference rooms in Monroe, LA are offered to you for FREE!

You can always trust that we are fully staffed with highly qualified and experienced reporters to ensure that your needs are met. We fully understand that sometimes work in this industry extends outside of the usual 9-to-5, which is why we offer you services after hours, on holidays, on weekends, or any time of day or night. 


We provide you the powerful tool of video conferencing. When you find your schedule too packed to make an additional flight, or you are far away from an urgent meeting, we will make sure that you do not miss the important event by setting you up with our video conferencing system. This saves you time and money, while allowing you to meet the needs of your clients and peers. 


Call us today to let us work for you!


Video synchronization aligns the digital video with the reporter's transcript of the deposition. This provides you with the benefit of taking the video of the deposition and instantly jumping to the specific section of the video needed for reference. This is convenient because it allows you to reference the line of transcript with the video quickly and simultaneously. 


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